Who We Are

Barry Wood Ministries is a ministry on mission. We have been active in missions for over 45 years; primarily in Africa & Latin America. BWM is focused on leadership development in the 10/40 window.

What We Do

  • BWM develops 3rd world Christians into national Leaders.
  • BWM equips indigenous missionaries to win their people to Christ.
  • BWM educates youth & churches in HIV-Aids awareness.
  • BWM evangelizes thru Film ministries & Evangecube training.
  • BWM plants churches thru discipleship /evangelism.
  • BWM leads mission projects- water wells, orphans relief & poverty programs.

Where We Minister

BWM has offices and staff in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Tanzania, Kenya & Burundi. Our staff make missionary leaders of ordinary people in out of the way places. Most of our trained leaders live in the bush or smaller villages; living, going, & ministering where others seldom go.

How We Do Ministry

We seek to find the best people and train them to go, win & disciple others. Nearly 8,000 indigenous missionaries have been equipped since 2001. Those 8,000 leaders have trained more than 135,000 people to witness using the Evangecube. The number is growing daily. BWM has planted almost 900 churches with pastors we have equipped.

All this is done thru the free-will love gifts of individuals, churches & foundations.