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AIDS Combat

Key Man

Volunteer Missions

Our goal with each volunteer mission is to train the indigenous workers and witness and equip them to do evangelism after we return home. This model is Africans reaching Africans- not Americans preaching to Africans, then leaving with little or no support for follow up. We invite you to join us as we train and support the work of the indigenous African pastors and people.

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Water Wells

Although drilling wells for clean water is not a primary focus for BWM, there are situations when a ministry to the “whole” man demands we provide water for the communities we penetrate with the Gospel. Often, to really establish a kingdom presence in a targeted area of Africa, we have drilled wells, created Rain Water Retention on school buildings, and even established medical clinics in partnership with other NGOs.

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Church Planting

Our pastor training model has provided the foundation for planting over 700 churches in the last seven years, with 600 of those still active today. In 2013, our staff of 22 men planted 136 new and thriving churches that are growing, baptizing and even planting more churches due to the strong concentrated disciple training in those villages.

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AIDS Combat Team (ACT)

The Aids Combat Team concept is concept for missions made in Heaven. Our ACT leaders have multiple invitations to come teach students and churches about HIV infection and transmission. This open door to villages also opens doors for us to Show other films that are evangelistic in nature. Our Act teams have shown the Jesus film and other films to over 10 million people since 2003. ACT ministry has also planted over 700 churches.

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Key Man Conferences

Since its inception the Key Man Ministry has equipped nearly 7,000 church leaders on several continents. In February of 2014 we will host a Key Man conference in Chiapas Mexico. Each year another 500 or more men are trained to become culture changing agents. We have seen remarkable ongoing results from this Key Man equipping ministry.

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Training Leaders Worldwide

|Equipping African Pastors in 2013

Our goal this past year has been to train all 454 of our pastors by years end. We will not reach that goal but we have come close to doing it! Hosting pastor’s equipping seminars in five countries we will have trained almost 400 pastors. The others will be equipped by our staff in the weeks and months ahead. This equipping has included giving pastors a Study Bible, a Disciple Leader manual, a Pastor workbook and copies of our booklet- New Life in Christ. It has been a yearlong project, but we expect to see much fruit from these men in the future.

Providing Bibles and other printed materials to 500 pastors with more coming next year is very expensive, so we invite your financial support for this ongoing work of faith. Any gift to this cause is deeply appreciated.