Shepherd’s Guide

Pastors in remote areas often have very limited access to Biblical education tools. Most are limited to reading the Bible, with no training in how to interpret the Scriptures correctly. The Shepherd’s Guide manual is a simple manual to get pastor’s started on the road to learning basic theology and methods for sermon preparation, bible interpretation, and understanding of the central message of Scripture, which Christ Himself.

It is a 127 page tool for those men who have no other resource. It is not meant to be profound, complex, or even thorough. However, it is “profitable for teaching, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness.” (2 Timothy 3:16) For those who read it carefully and use it as a pastor’s guide for effective ministry.

Furthermore, most pastors are not yet good disciple-makers. This manual challenges each reader to become a “reproducer”, a man who invests time and heart in our men. It is our prayer that many thousands of pastors in the bush or other remote reaches of the world will find this manual a blessing.

Because of the size of the manual we have divided it up in smaller files. The full Shepherd’s Guide is available here. This will make it easier to download a section at a time for printing or viewing. You can do this by selecting the desired section from the following list:

Shepherd's Guide - Bible Institute for Leaders

Shepherd’s Guide – Bible Institute for Leaders (7947K)

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