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When Bobby Knight was hired as the new basketball coach at Texas Tech University, one of his first decisions was to order new uniforms for the team. When a reporter remarked that the jerseys did not have the individual names on the back; coach Knight simply replied, “Basketball is a team sport.” I can identify with that. A ministry like BWM is also a total team effort. This year alone many of our friends have joined the “team” by getting involved with us.

Being on the team in Christian ministry can mean many things. Some are star players while most are not stars but faithful shining lights. Others are vital to the team’s success but serve in less spectacular ways like the ball boys, trainers, and assistant coaches. However, all of us are needed to make the team a success.

If you pray for a ministry, you are on the team. When we get to Heaven we will see the tremendous impact our team prayer warriors had on the Kingdom. Satan trembles when he sees, the weakest saint upon his knees! Believe me, I want prayer/players on our team! We cannot be a great team for God’s cause in the world without these prayer/players.

If you get personally involved, you are on the team. BWM is an “on mission” ministry that needs “bodies” to go to the front lines with us to fight for the souls of men & women. Each year several hundred of you will go overseas as missionary/vacationers, this is a vital part of the team’s effort.

If you give financially, you are on the team. You serve by making it possible for others to go. Each Key-Man Conference sponsors at least 100 men for leadership training. BWM has team members who may never go physically, but by their support they are “there,” through faithful giving. There would be no ministry without financial support. Please click here to give financially.

If you encourage us, you are on the team. Every person we meet who cheers us on, wishes us well and tells others about the BWM vision is on the team. You bless the Lord by blessing BWM. Thank you in Jesus name.

Go team, Go!

Partnership Churches

We are looking for churches who are serious about prayer and will partner with us to pray for our staff. A Partnership Church will “adopt” one of our staff to pray for all year and learn about their ministry. Check out our “Staff” page to view pictures and get information on the country they serve.

Contactif your church would consider becoming a Partnership Church.