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Barry Wood


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Barry Wood, saved as a teen, began preaching while in highschool. An evangelist, author, teacher and mentor, Barry has traveled the earth preaching and training leaders. Since 2001, he has worked diligently to equip leaders in East Africa. Barry and his wife Gail live in the greater Dallas area where barry disciples men and serves as CEO of BWM.X

David Mukhaye

East Regional Director
Bungoma, Kenya

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Birthdate: October 9, 1967, Kenya

Spouse: Hellen Mukhaye

Peter Mukhaye, 14
Patrick Muckhaye, 13
Prichard Mukhaye, 9

Country where you serve: Kenya

I am a pastor and a missionary working in the western part of Kenya. Western Kenya is comprised of 4 counties – Burgome, Kakemega, Busia, and Vihiga. Western Kenya is densely populated with warrior cultures. The Teso, the Luyah, and the Elgon Masai.

David Mukhaye is our first full time ACT leader. He has shown films to more than 800,000 people in Western Kenya. He has planted more than 50 churches.X

Willert Delgone

Western Regional Director
Mbale, Uganda

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Birthdate: September 21, 1968. Mbale, Uganda.

Spouse name: Margaret Delgone

Emmanuel Delgone, 14
Gracious Delgone, 12
Gift Delgone, 9

Country where serving: Uganda

My ministry involves the following:
Evangelism using the Jesus film and evangecubes, among other tools. Training churches to evangelize using the evangecubes. Hosting and conducting key man conferences in Uganda. Planting churches. Overseeing the follow up and intensification of the key man conference in the lives of various key men, leading to church planting with a discipleship/evangelism model. Overseeing the AIDS combat teams. Sensitizing churches, communities, and schools about HIV/AIDS. Doing true love waits in schools. Pastoring a local church and overseeing other churches. X

Ezechias Muhizi

Country Director
Rwanda, Burundi

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Birthdate and location: 1962, DRC

Spouse: Pennie – Ukwitesetse

Betty – Mutesi, 30
George – Ndaruhutse, 28
Claudine – Uwanahoro, 26
Esther – Munezero, 22
Samuel – Musisha, 16
Emmanuel – Iraduha, 11

Countries where you serve: Rwanda – Nigali

Since I have been working with BWM my life has totally changed physically and spiritually because of the training I received through BWM. I deeply thank God and BWM for the support for my family, planting churches, and building churches. May God bless BWM.X

Peter Silvanus


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Birthdate: 1974
Born in Tanzania – Mwanza

Wife: Rebecca Silvanus

Nancy Silvanus
Grace Silvanus
Kevin Silvanus

Serves in Tanzania

Years in the Ministry: 8 X

Renatus Kanunu

Tanzania Director of Pastor Training
Shinyanga, Tanzania

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Birthdate: 1982
Renatus has been on staff with Barry Wood Ministries since 2005, and began as an Act Leader in at the age of 23. He is married with 3 children and he lives in Shinyanga, TanzaniaX

George Ndaruhuye

Student Ministry Director
Butare, Rwanda

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Age: 30 years old in 2016
Education: Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering and Environmental Technology

Wife’s Name: Brigitte, married July 2016

My passion in Ministry: I enjoy working with students and helping young people to grow in their Christian life. X

Burundi Act Leaders »

Eric Rutabara

ACT Leader
Bujambura, Burundi

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Born in Uvira (RDC) in 1983


Country where you serve: Burundi

Optained a General sciences Diploma from Bujumbura. Currently enrolled in Light University of Bujumbura (ULBU) studying for a Bachelors in Theology

Organizes training for Evangelism Cube. Also, a church planter. X

DRC Act Leaders »

Donald Okethi

ACT Leader
DRC, eastern

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Birthdate: November 11, 1970. DRC

Spouse name: Acan Florence

Bicendi Moris, 16
Abedi Trinity, 13
Okirwoth Hezron, 10
Miriam, 7
Fiona, 4

Country where serving: Congo (DRC)

The ministry that God has entrusted to me is of great advantage and I’m sure that it will help to share Christ to many people in Congo. What dear fellow workers I request from you is to pray with us for the work. Congo is one of the biggest countries in Africa. If possible, I would request that BWM support some conferences in the Congo. It is a good ministry we are praying for, may the mighty God continue to bless the ministry. X

Kenya Act Leaders »

Jonathan Abongo

ACT Leader
Kisumu, Kenya

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Birthdate: December 26, 1973 Kisumu, Kenya

Spouse: Jesica Atieno Abongo

Vincent Omondi Abongo, 14
Evans Ochieng Abongo, 12
Ashley Chelsea Abongo, 7
Michele Ann Abongo, 6
Emma Joy Abongo, 3

Country where you serve: Kenya

Serving in the ministry has been a great joy seeing and reaching the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ in the villages and schools. Having the equipment and the discipleship material has made the work of the ministry very efficient and effective in serving and fulfilling the work of Christ. I have realized great achievements like starting several preaching points which develop into churches, several individuals have become good Timothy’s, and a changed life in the school students through true love waits. I thank God for allowing me to serve in this ministry.

Jonathan Abongo has been an ACT leader since 2006. Serving in the Lake provinces of Kenya, along Victoria lake he is a mighty Evangelist & church planter. Jonathan is also pastoring a church in Kisumu Kenya, where he can model his disciple-making skills to others. X

Martin Odindo

ACT Leader
Kakamega, Kenya

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Birthdate: February 7, 1968, Butere, Kenya

Spouse: Ruth Ongiayo Alubiri

Alubiri Faith, 18
Alubiri Wiseman, 13

Country where you serve: Kenya

I am serving in Kapchorwa Division and Aldai constituency of Mandi County in the Republic of Kenya. The ministry field has the following:
(1) population 872,965
(2) church attendance 1010
(3) expected churches to be planted by 2010 1,431 with a deficit of 1,325
(4) indication priority for church planting 8%

The mission has me address the following:
1. Church planting and cultural transformation
2. Peace building in the body of Christ
3. Conflict resolution to diversity of tribal and community members.
4. AIDS combating, orphan hood management and family enrichments, church construction and leadership development.
5. Ministry in compassion, relationship, evangelism, and discipleship making are my overall ministry objectives and focus areas. X

Pius Kuto

Kenya ACT Staff Coordinator
ACT Leader
Kipkaren, Kenya

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Birthdate: May 27, 1975, Kipkarren river, Kenya

Spouse: Jacqline Kuto

Creflo Dollar, 9
Praise Angel, 3

Country where you serve: Kenya

am partnering with churches and other ministers to train and equip saints so that they can be effective in serving the purpose of God, which is to raise disciples based on Matthew 28:18-20. This has been a great challenge in my region but, thank God through this ministry, doors have been opened and slowly and steadily we are achieving this goal. Train – Equip – Send!!!

This is Pius Kuto. He serves in Northwestern Kenya among the Pokot, Kalenjin,Turkana & Karamujonj people.​ X

Samuel Nakwa

ACT Leader
Lodwar, Kenya

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Birthdate: July 7, 1968. Kadenguria, Kenya

Spouse: Anne Nekesa

Esther Nakwa, 16
Miriam Nasimiyu, 13
Moureew Nangila, 10
Eugine Methusella, 7
David Mogisha, 2

Country where you serve: Pokot County, Kenya

God has given me a ministry of reaching out, all these years, God has really helped me in starting new churches, training Timothy’s, and caring for the Church. Pokot County is a difficult area, there are not many churches and most people not know Christ. So I am fully committed and I love serving there, though it is a semi arid zone, God will get me through. It is my prayer that I plant at least two churches every year. Samuel Nakwa is a Pokot tribesman living in the desert areas of far NW Kenya. His people are listed as among the unreached people groups. Samuel only began ACT ministry in 2011 and has recently joined our staff in January 2012. He is a disciple of Pius Kutto.​ X

Jonathan Narasha

ACT Leader
Maasai Mara, Kenya

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​ Birthdate: 1973, Kimintet, Kenya

Spouse: Naimadu Nasinya Narasha

Kinyamah Lemayian, 16
Raeli Toyie, 13
Isaya, 10
Daniel, 7
Patrick, 5
Ledama, 3
Philimon, 1.5

Country where you serve: Kenya

My ministry is doing well in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am showing Jesus films, HIV/aids teachings, planting new churches, and equipping timothies to be strong in the Lord by helping me. God has given me fever through BWM, and with the equipment I am really helping my people and I thank God.​ X

Sam Naikada

Director Shepard’s House Ministry
ACT Leader
Maasai Mara, Kenya

Tanzania Act Leaders »

Emmanuel Bosco

ACT Leader
Kibondo district, Tanzania

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Birthdate: June 20, 1978. Mwamgongo, Tanzania.

Spouse name: Neema Bosko

Country where you serve: Kibondo, Tanzania.​X

Peter Mremi

ACT Leader
Kigoma district, Tanzania

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Birthdate: April 20, 1985. Mwika, Tanzania.

Spouse name: Petronela Damas


Country where you serve: Kigoma, Tanzania

Jesus film
True love waits
School presentations
Church planting

David Masalu

Bunda, Tanzania

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Birthdate: November 15, 1962. Nasa-Mwanza, Tanzania

Spouse name: Dora

Mary Daudi, 19
Festo Daudi, 16
Fredrick F. Daudi, 10
Susie F. Daudi, 8

Location where you serve: Bunda, Tanzania

I am an ACT man in BWM. I joined in the year 2004. I used to show the Jesus film in new unreached areas with CHRIST. I train youths with true love waits and HIV/aids awareness with schools and in churches.

I plant churches, do discipleship for my timothys. I sometimes make surveys on critical social problems facing a community and find innovative solutions to help them. For example, provision of water wells, water filters, finishing roofing some of the churches, provision of bibles and medical work. I have so far planted more than 31 churches in Morogoro and Bunda. My Timothy’s are running those churches as pastors. 80% of those churches are still strong. Through this ministry many people have come to know Jesus and I have baptized many. X

Charles Mwaigomole

ACT Leader
Sumbawanga, Tanzania

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Birthdate: March 23, 1987. Sumbawanga, Tanzania


Country where you serve: Sumbawanga, TanzaniaX

John Daniel Mayunga

ACT Leader
Kahuma, Tanzania

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Birthdate: October, 19, 1989. Kahuma, Tanzania


Ministries: Act Ministries, HIV education, TLW in primary and secondary school, Jesus film, church planting and disciple maker​X

Uganda Act Leaders »

Faustino Ringe

Senior Advisor
Western province, Uganda

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Birthdate and location: April 10, 1947 Paidha-Zombo, Uganda

Spouse name: Florence Ringe

Grace Bidong, 28
Judith Aciro, 25
Pascal Cwinya’ai, 23
Tonie Odaga, 20
Solange Oaikane, 17

Countries where you serve: Uganda and Congo

1. My ministry is to reach the unreached and make disciples of them according to Matthew 28:19-20. That is why I am heading to the unreached and neglected Pygmies of the Congo Forest.
2. Reach the reached who have not been touched. That is why I go to the schools and institutions to educate them about the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Through the True Love Waits commitment, I can teach the children about accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior who is the best protector and changes lives.
3. My goal is to see churches planted for the Pygmies.

Kennedy Banguya

ACT Leader
Karamoja district, Uganda

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August 18, 1990. Uganda.


Country where you serve: Uganda

Years in ministry: 2 years

Sensitizing the communities and students in secondary schools and churches about HIV/AIDS and how to avoid it and how to be faithful to one partner. Also to use Jesus films and evangecubes and other tools to do evangelism in schools and communities.

Doing true love waits in schools and churches and proposing to plant churches as I continue in this ministry. Making disciples out of faithful converts and more so to encourage new believers to go to churches and pray and listen to the word of God. Create weekly church services and read the word of God daily.X

Moses Natabona

ACT Leader
Mbarara district, Uganda

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ACT Leader, Uganda.

Married with two children

Country where you serve: Uganda

Moses and his wife are both very strong in their Faith. Moses has an Anglican and Pentecostal background and his wife is a nurse and a loving mother in the Lord.

Moses has a diploma in Accounting, a certificate in Christian ministry and a certificate in Information Technology.X

Joel Mayanji

ACT Leader
Mbale, Uganda
Serving with BWM since 2014

Fredrick Mubochi

ACT Leader
Mbale, Uganda
BWM ministry staff since 2015