West Pokot Follow Up

Posted on October 10th, 2017 by mikeg

Pius Kuto, Kenya Country Director, providing food to villagers in West Pokot

Last year and early this year the West Pokot area in Kenya was suffering through Terrible drought conditions. BWM Country Director for Kenya Pius Kuto and his Timothy Samuel Nakwa have spent much time in this very arid, semi-desert, highland area where the local villagers have been suffering greatly due to this lack of rain. The local tribes are very nomadic and rely on the rain to provide food for their livestock.  This live stock is then sold or traded to purchase food and other needed supplies. Because of the harsh conditions of this area, often during times of little rain, the only source of food is from the Church and other NGO’s.

BWM was able to purchase enough corn, beans and cooking oil to feed 100 families for over 1 month in order to provide some relief from the drought conditions. According to Pius, pictured above, this provided a grand opportunity to share the love of Jesus to these men, women and children.

Please continue to pray for the Pokot area and our staff members as they work in and around this area and many others.  We feel honored to be able to help is situations like this and only wish that we could do more.

Since then we have received a lot of acceptance [of Christ] and favor. Thanks, Barry Wood for responding in our time of need and thanks to the entire family for standing with us” – Pius Kuto