Water Wells


In 2003, BWM learned of eleven villages of the Sukuma people along the borders of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The Sukuma practiced much witchcraft and lived in spiritual darkness. Our survey found only one small church for those 11 villages of 15,000 people. The Sukuma are farmers & cattle herders, and live in near poverty. There is little clean water to drink. Many children die from sicknesses related to bad water & malaria.

In 2004 BWM adopted the Serengeti Corridor Project {SCP} – a six year plan to reach these 11 villages for Christ. Since then, BWM has led missions, evangelism, medical teams, and AIDS education in all of the villages. Twelve churches have been planted in the SCP. Thousands have been saved and churches are meeting now with over 1000 in attendance each week.

Drilling Water Wells

Now in 2014 BWM in partnership with Global Outreach is beginning a new Serengeti project to the south and east of our previous work. We are praying, preaching and purposing to reach even the Maasai people who live along the borders of the National park. More wells, clinics and Churches will follow our prayers and support.

May God open Heavens’ blessings upon this project to establish the Kingdom of God among the unreached in the bush of Tanzania. Maybe you can help us drill wells in the Serengeti. Every donation is helpful and needed.