Volunteer Missions

We at BWM love mission volunteers. We have taken hundreds of willing Americans with us to Africa, Mexico, and South America over the last 35 years. However, as the mission enterprise around the world has matured we have learned that bringing Americans into a country and culture unprepared is not always the best use of their money and time.

As David Livingstone observed back in the early 1800’s; only Africans can save Africa. Any mission movement that does not use, empower, and enhance the indigenous Christian worker will only have a short term result. Therefore, as we take mission volunteers with us to Africa or elsewhere on the mission fields of the world, our motto must be;

“Never take a volunteer to do what the indigenous worker can do better with a little help.”

Thus, if a village has no medical clinic, we can take American medical teams to that village. Even then, a better solution is to find indigenous medical workers and build them a clinic and supply the meds needed. Why would you bring Americans to do evangelism when they do not speak the language, know the culture and cannot eat the local food? Better to take Americans there to train the indigenous workers to witness and equip them to do evangelism after you return home. This is the model for volunteer missions in the 21st Century.  We invite friends of BWM to go, train, and support the work of the indigenous African pastors and people.

Those who go on mission often say,

“It did me more good than any good I did for them.”

That is often the real truth. Go with us, get your feet wet in loving the poor, the lost, and the struggling. Then give your talents, time and money to change a culture for Christ.


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