Key Man

What is a Key Man?

The lack of Christian leadership in Africa led BWM to develop the Key Man Ministry. A Key Man (or woman) is a strategy to find and equip potential church leaders. We seek young men & women between 25-30 years of age. A Key Man is a “handpicked” young leader who attends a week of Leadership training. These young leaders will be taught a new paradigm of reproduction, disciple-making & evangelism. Our vision is that these Key Men & Women will become culture changing agents. Since its inception in June of 2001, Barry Wood Ministries has hosted conferences in 8 countries and trained over 8000 to become real disciple leaders within their churches and culture.

What are They Doing Differently?

In Africa, Mexico & Honduras our KM graduates are shaping their cities with new vision. The Evangecube trained men & women are helping their churches & denominations become centers of evangelism & church planting. The Growth has been phenomenal. Everywhere the Key Men go, the change agent “kicks in.” Pastors are being trained to disciple new converts, and new converts are becoming disciples. In some areas of East Africa the reproduction model is six generations deep!

Bringing the Key Man Ministry to Your Area:

  • In Africa, contact our Nairobi office through
  • In the USA through

We have staff in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC (Congo) & Tanzania who may be able to bring the Key Man conference to you.