Church Planting

Many ministries that carry volunteer missionaries to Africa boast of doing church planting.However, if you return to those villages where the mission was done and look for that “planted” congregation it no longer exists because it was not nurtured or supported. Mainly they died because they were sheep without a shepherd. Without a pastor (trained to lead) those churches seldom survive.

Not so with BWM. A concerted effort is made to follow up every evangelism thrust in a village with a small group bible study using our discipleship tools. Those Bible study groups can and do become congregations when a leader is trained to shepherd them.

In the last 10 years, Barry Wood Ministries has planted over 1,000 churches, with over 900 surviving due to our pastor training model. Even this past year of 2014, 169 new and thriving churches are growing, baptizing and even planting more churches due to the strong concentrated disciple training in those villages.

This model is Africans reaching Africans- not Americans preaching to Africans, then leaving with little or no support for follow up. Our Staff of 23 men in six countries are well equipped to plant indigenous churches under indigenous leadership. All they need is our support, prayers and tools to get the job done.