AIDS Combat Team

“ACT” is an acronym for Aids Combat Team. BWM has developed this holistic approach to the AIDS pandemic in East Africa, and uses HIV education as a door into schools and communities to share the Gospel.

An AIDS Combat Team is one or two men committed to save a generation of “at high risk” youth in East Africa. Our ACT leaders use new solar technology for films and school presentations. His Solar unit is in a 45 lb. backpack he can carry on his back or motor bike. Our Act men go where the road ends and beyond into the African bush. He spends two days in schools doing AIDS education with videos, drama and lectures on Biblical abstinence. The third evening his equipment is used to show the Jesus film as thousands in each village will hear the Gospel. Small Bible study groups are formed and from these leaders are trained and churches planted.

In 2014, 23 ACT leaders in six East African countries showed the Jesus Film to 1,922,149 people. Another 1,229,366 received AIDS education in schools and churches. Since the inception of the ACT ministry these brave gospel warriors have planted over 900 churches in remote villages and trained the pastors to lead those churches.

Today there are 23 ACT leaders working weekly in the bush. Each man is a professional educator on HIV-AIDS, a skilled Disciple maker, and a ready evangelist using the Jesus film, Passion of The Christ, or other evangelistic films to reach the unreached. At great sacrifice an Act leader will transport himself and his film equipment to remote and hard to reach villages in an effort to save lives from AIDS, and save souls for eternity.