What’s New in Mbarara

Posted on October 30th, 2017 by mikeg

ACT Leader Moses Natabona and his Timothy’s have been very busy in the area around Mbarara in southwestern Uganda.  This is a beautiful mountainous area with lush rolling green hills covered banana trees and small terraced farms. 

Moses Natabona and 3 of his Timothy’s

Moses and his Timothy’s work with 11 different local pastors to reach the people of this area for Christ. In other areas, Moses has different Timothy’s working in Schools preaching the Gospel and teaching HIV/Aids Education.

Starting with his initial training at a Barry Wood Ministries key man Conference, Moses has discipled  and replicated himself in many other Christian Men.  All of his disciples have been taught from the 2 different New Life in Christ Volumes as well as the Disciple Leader manual.  Both can be found under the Ministry Resources section of our website.

Bush Baptism

In addition, Moses and his Timothy’s have been teaching the meaning of Baptizing and as seen here find  some pretty interesting places to perform Bush Baptism for new Christian Converts. We thank the Lord for faithful men like Moses and the men he has helped to train.  Please join us as we ask God to continue to bless the ministry in this area and the people that will be changed.