Who We Are!

Posted on October 14th, 2017 by mikeg

Charles Mwaigomole on the way to perform ACT Ministry in the bush

Who are we and what do we do?

Barry Wood Ministries is a non-denominational disciple making and evangelism ministry. That all sounds great and when we talk with people about it they usually get pretty excited, however, it is often difficult for people who have never been to Africa to picture what that really means. 

Pictured here is Charles, one of our ACT men.  ACT stands for Aids combat team and Charles has been trained by the Center for Disease control and other sources in HIV/Aids education and prevention. ACT has an additional meaning, in that like the Disciples in the Book of Acts, Charles is also focused on growing the Body of Christ, the Church here in Africa, through Evangalism and one on one discipleship. Each one of our staff members, or ACT men are equipped with a motorbike, solar powered video and sound system from,, and training materials and videos which they load up on their bike and travel out into the bush to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

ACT men like Charles travel great distances and live up to our motto, where the road ends, ministry begins. As a team, they have planted hundred of Churches in the bush and they and their disciples have raised up thousands of new Christian leaders throughout east Africa.  Churches like the one pictured here start with a simple stick built structure and eventually grow into permanent structures that are self sustaining and greatly benefit their communities.

Charles and the new Church Members

Bush Church